Tarot: Listing of the Court Cards




The information presented here is a compilation of reasearch across the years.  It is impossible to note all associations of the court cards.   Its only presented some common ones.  The zodiac and "role" associations are from Jame Wanless' book "New Age Tarot: A Workbook and Glossary of Symbols".  I highly recommend this book for any collection.  If you would like a copy:



Pages signal the need to look at a matter - to study it, to be open to "messages" or a new ways and ideas. They act as catalysts for change, indicating an opportunity present. They take risks and are open to new possibilities. They indicate an actual child or your own "inner" child - naive and innocent, learning. Sometimes they come into your life as messengers.


Knights act on, are involved in, and committed to the things indicated by their suit. They represent pure energy and often show where you are putting your energies. Focused but active, they display purpose, courage, and courtly attitude. They are sometimes headstrong, rash, thoughtless, and self-centered. For women, knights often represent an animus figure, especially a romantic one. They represent your need to challenge something or go adventuring yourself. They can indicate travel.


Queens represent the inner and personal, rather than worldly, control. They have the ability to nurture and develop things indicated by the suit. They represent mothers and mothering, habits and cultural integration. They administer and channel the power. They rule from the heart. "She" can be the inner self in a man, or the sense of self in a women.


Kings show mastery, ability, and authority in the field represented by the suit. They represent experience, power, authority, status. Secure but rigid, limited by the rules they have established. Court Cards often signify both yourself and another in a reading. The King can be a boss, your father or some other authority figure. "He" can also represent the animosity in a women, or a sense of serf in a man.



Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles
The Princess of Echoing Hills;
The Rose of the Palace of Earth
Elemental Name: Earth of Earth
Sign: n/a
Role: n/a

Dignified: A thrifty and conscientious person. A preserving scholar. Gracious, careful and kind.

Ill-Dignified: A wasteful and prodigal person, over-meticulous in small things. Depending upon other cards: unfavorable news regarding financial matters.

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles
The Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land;
The King of the Spirits of the Earth
Elemental Name: Fire of Earth
Sign: Virgo
Role: The Healer

Dignified: A practical person of conventional virtues or views. Patient, hardworking, and clever with material things, but rather slow, and inclined to lack awareness of feelings of others.

Ill-Dignified: An avaricious and grasping person, complacent and rather timid. Depending upon other cards: monetary affairs at a standstill or break-even.

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of the Thrones of Earth
Elemental Name: Water of Earth
Sign: Capricorn
Role: The Succeeder

Dignified: A shrewd, sensible and down-to-earth women, but loving spendour and personal display.

Ill-dignified: A changeable women, narrow in outlook and suspicious of what she does not understand. Grasping and careful and yet a spendthrift in matters that concern her.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles
The Prince of the Chariot of Earth
Elemental Name: Air of Earth
Sign: Virgo
Role: The Healer

Dignified: A steady, methodical and reliable man, loyal, trustworthy and patient, but slow to think and act. Depending on other cards: increase of wealth, establishment in a profession or large corporate entities

Ill-Dignified: A dull and materialistic person. An obstinate, heavy-handed and sometimes tyrannical person.



Page of Wands

The Page of Wands
The Princess of the Shining Flame;
The Rose of the Palace of Fire
Elemental Name: Earth of Fire
Sign: N/A
Role: N/A

Dignified: A resourceful and ambitious person who has great enthusiasm and vigor. A person who is quick to respond emotionally; either with love or anger. Depending upon surrounding cards: (i.e., the Eight of Wands) a messenger bringing exciting and stimulation news.

Ill-Dignified: A domineering and superficial person who wants to achieve much by the shortest possible route and so can be untrustworthy and deceitful. Depending on surrounding cards: a bearer of bad or disappointing news.

Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands
The Lord of Flame and Lightning;
The King of the Spirits of Fire
Element Name: Fire of Fire
Sign: Sagittarius
Role: The Revolutionary

Dignified: An unpredictable or impetuous person, who is swift to act and enjoys action. Depending on surrounding cards, this card may signify sudden departures, hasty decisions, or change of residence.

Ill-Dignified: A narrow minded and contentious person, a bigot, and a lover of discord for its sake. Depending on surrounding cards: journeys delayed, a procrastinator.

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands
The Queen of the Thrones of Fire
Elemental Name: Water of Fire
Sign: Aries
Role: The Seer

Dignified: A generous women, practical and kind, and capable of independent thought and action, but home loving. A country-women. Depending on surrounding cards, the success of a venture.

Ill-Dignified: A jealous and domineering women, obstinate and tending to imagine wrongs. A women who allows her loved ones no independence or resorts to emotional blackmail.

King of Wands

The King of Wands
The Prince of the Chariot of Fire
Elemental Name: Air of Fire
Sign: Leo
Role: The Seeker

Dignified: An honest and conscientious person, loyal and generous, loving traditional ways and family life. A just and enterprising man of authority. Dependent upon surrounding cards, a mediator, or arbitrator.

Ill-Dignified: An autocratic and in intolerant person, prejudiced, ruthless and lacking in thc feeling of others.



Page of Cups

The Page of Cups

The Princess of the Waters;
The Lotus of the Palace of Floods
Elemental Name: Earth of Water
Sign: N/A
Role: N/A

Dignified: A quiet, reflective and artistic person, gentle and kind, but dreamy at times. Dependent upon other cards: a messenger bringing news of a birth, engagement, or marriage.

Ill-dignified: A selfish and idle person, given to lies and harmful gossip. Dependent upon other cards: a deception will be uncovered.

Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups
The Lord of Waves and the Waters;
The King of the Host of the Sea
Elemental Name: Fire of Water
Sign: Cancer
Role: The High Flyer

Dignified: An amiable and intelligent person, but a dreamer and easily led or discouraged. Dependent on other cards: propositions, invitations, offers, and opportunities.

Ill-Dignified: An idle person, and a congenital liar. Dependent on other cards: trickery, embezzlement and fraud.

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups
Queen of the Thrones of the Water
Elemental Name: Water of Water
Sign: Pisces
Role: The Feeler

Dignified: An imaginative, affectionate and gifted women, but lacking in common sense. Highly intuitive and sometimes psychic, but dreamy and easily influenced by other people, events, 'atmospheres'.

Ill-Dignified: An unreliable women who cannot be trusted or depended upon, as her opinions change swiftly and without logical or just reason. A perverse women, or one inclined to hysteria.

King of Cups

The King of Cups
Prince of the Chariot of the Waves
Elemental Name: Air of Water
Sign: Scorpio
Role: The Rebirther

Dignified: A man of business or law. A skilled negotiator, kind, considerate and responsible, but ambitious. A man of ideas and agility of mind.

Ill-Dignified: A dishonest or unscrupuions man, likely to be double dealing. A violent and treacherous man.


Page of Swords

The Page of Swords
The Princess of the Rushing Winds;
The Lotus of the Palace of Air
Elemental Name: Earth of Air
Sign: N/A
Role: N/A

Dignified: A person of grace, dexterity, and vigilance. Very acute and subtle, a negotiator. Depending on other cards: a message presaging change.

Ill-Dignified: A devious, frivolous and cunning person, possibly vindictive and two-faced. Depending on other cards: ill health or unforeseen events causing changes in pain.

Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords
Lord of Winds and Breezes;
King of Spirits of Air
Elemental Name: Fire of Air
Sign: Gemini
Role: The Decider

Dignified: An active, cleaver individual, subtle and skillful, but inclined to be domineering. Depending on other cards: events moving swiftly into and out of the Querent' s life, for good or ill.

Ill-Dignified: A deceitful and sly individual, secretive and belligerent. Depending upon other cards: quarrels.

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords
The Queen of the Throne of Air
Elemental Name: Water of Air
Sign: Libra
Role: The Crystallizer

Dignified: An intelligent and complex women, highly perceptive and quick-witted. Often skillful at balancing opposing factious one against another to further her needs.

Ill-Dignified: An unreliable women, deceitful and sly. A narrow minded and intolerant women. A gossip.

King of Swords

The King of Swords
The Prince of the Chariots of the Winds
Elemental Name: Air of Air
Sign: Aquarius
Role: The Thinker

Dignified: A rational man with a logical and inventive turn of mind, but sometimes overcautious and old
fashioned. A man of law and upholder of authority.

Ill-Dignified: An obstinate man of calculating and impersonal temperament. Sometimes malicious, unjust and cruel. © 2005-2020 | All rights reserved <