The Mythic Tarot - Mythological Analogies


The Mythic Tarot offers mythological analogies that will speak volumes to those students of mythology.  The author offers insights into both the major and minor arcana.  The major arcana is represented by gods and   goddesses.  Each of the minor arcana's suites tells a story from mythology.  For each card, the name, the mythological reference, and the generally accepted meaning are given.   Enjoy!

Cards of the Mythic Tarot – Major Arcana

The Fool
A new phase in life begins, a risk must be taken, a need to abandon the old and start something new.

The Magician
New skills and potentials available, opportunities and adventures unfolding.

The High Priestess
Thirst for knowledge of an esoteric nature, secrets to be revealed, potential abundant but as yet unfulfilled.

The Empress
Fertility, creativity, abundance, marriage or relationship, children.

The Emperor
A need to make something solid, to concertise and idea, to build something with firm foundation.

The Hierophant
Need for spiritual purpose, the search for a personal philosophy or spiritual values.

The Lovers
The judgement of Paris
A love affair with trial or choice attached.

The Chariot
Conflict within, struggles and battles, but potential for victory and resolution of quarrels.

Need for clarity of mind, impartial judgement, and a balanced intellect.

Harmony within relationships, co-operation resulting in happy marriage or partnership.

Need for strength, courage and self-discipline. Potential for moral victory and mastery of life.

The Hermit
A time of withdrawal, silent meditation and solitude. Patience is needed to confront one’s inner world.

The Wheel of Fortune
The Moirai
Change in fortune, new beginnings, a new chapter in life starting. The Wheel makes a new turn.

The Hanged Man
A sacrifice must be made to gain something of greater value, time in suspension.

The end of something which has been lived out, transformation, new beginnings to follow.

The Devil
A confrontation with the inner world. Facing fears and inhibitions to foster growth.

The Tower
The slaying of the Minotaur
Breaking down existing forms, changing false structures and finding true values.

The Star
Pandora’s Box
Hope, inspiration, faith and belief in a new and better world.

The Moon
Fluctuation, uncertainty, confusion. Time for passivity rather than action.

The Sun
Optimism, time of positive action, energy in abundance, a time for clear vision.

Hermes, the Psychopomp
Time for reaping rewards for past actions, time for reaching conclusions and summing up situations.

The World
Success, achievement, attainment, the realization of a goal or the completion of a cycle.


Review of the Minor Arcarna's Elements:


Cups correspond to the element of female water. They represent emotions, relationships, love, and intuition. The shielding nature of a cup also associates it with things hidden.


Wands/Rods correspond to the male element of fire. They represent energy, creativity, passion, and spirit. Wands are also closely associated with career and work situations.


Swords correspond to the element of male air. They represent the mind and intellect, communicating, and conflict.


Pentacles/Disks correspond to the female element of earth. They represent money, material matters, and physical well-being.

Minor Arcana of the Mythic Tarot – Cups

Ace of Cups
Upsurge of feelings and emotions, new relationships.

Two of Cups
The meeting of Eros and Psyche
Commitment to romance, partnership or friendship.

Three of Cups
The marriage of Eros and Pysche
Celebration, time for rejoicing.

Four of Cups
Psyche’s jealous sisters breed discontent
Boredom, depression, discontent, and resentment.

Five of Cups
Psyche finds out the truth and is abandoned by Eros
Regret over past actions, loss or betrayal in love or marriage.

Six of Cups
Psyche remembers the past with nostalgia
Past effort may bring present rewards or an old lover may reappear.

Seven of Cups
Psyche must beg for assistance from Aphrodite
There is an exceptional choice to be made with many options open. Careful decisions must be made.

Eight of Cups
Psyche must make the perilous journey to the Underworld
Leaving the past behind, abandoning or relinquishing hope.

Nine of Cups
Psyche and Eros are finally reunited with Aphrodite’s blessing
A wish of paramount importance will come true.

Ten of Cups
Psyche gains immortality and joins Eros in Olympus
Happiness and contentment, with a sense of permanence and future purpose.

Minor Arcana of the Mythic Tarot – Wands

Ace of Wands
An upsurge of creative energy, great potential for success.

Two of Wands
Chiron has revealed his birthright to Jason
Courage and initiative available to overcome obstacles.

Three of Wands
Jason confronts King Pelias and is inspired by a quest for the Golden Fleece
A stage of initial completion of a creative project, with new ideas forming on the horizon.

Four of Wands
Jason celebrates with his fellow Argonauts as the building of their ship is complete
A time to pause for celebration after hard efforts.

Five of Wands
Jason does battle with the dragon guarding the Golden Fleece
A time of struggle, petty obstacles constantly appear and cause difficulties.

Six of Wands
Jason is triumphant after his successful battle with the dragon
Public acclaim, promotion, qualification, recognition for work and effort.

Seven of Wands
After the fight with the dragon, more battles ensue
Stiff competition must now be faced. Renewed determination and courage are necessary.

Eight of Wands
After the fierce battles are won, the Argonauts are in a smooth stretch and sailing swiftly home
A period of progress after a delay or struggle.

Nine of Wands
The final stage of conflict before Jason can reach his ultimate destination
Strength in reserve can provide enough energy to win the battle, although resources seem exhausted.

Ten of Wands
Jason has reached his goal but in striving towards another victory he lose everything
There is danger implied in taking on more than one can cope with.


Minor Arcana of the Mythic Tarot – Swords

Ace of Swords
A card of strength in spite of adversity, and indication that out of apparent evil, good will come.

Two of Swords
Orestes finds himself between his warring parents
Stalemate; nothing can move or change, a situation of great tension. An impasse has been reached.

Three of Swords
Clytemnestra and her lover murder King Agamemnon
Quarrels and conflict, a period of stormy weather for relationships. Also relief from tension has been released.

Four of Swords
Orestes in exile
A need for rest or retreat after stress, a time of convalescence after physical or emotional tension.

Five of Swords
Apollo reveals the truth about Agamemmnon’s murder
Pride must be swallowed, and limitations accepted, before further progress can be made.

Six of Swords
Orestes sets sail for Argos, where he will carry the will of Apollo
A period of calm after great anxiety, release of tension, a peaceful journey towards smoother waters.

Seven of Swords
Orestes returns at night to his mother’s palace to murder her
A need for evasion and avoidance of direct confrontation in order to reach an objective.

Eight of Swords
The full implication of his dilemma dawns on Orestes
A fear of moving out of a situation of bandage, paralysis, a "no win" position.

Nine of Swords
Orestes is driven mad by the Furies
A time in which the mind is tormented by fears of impending doom.

Ten of Swords
Athene calls a halt to Orestes’ suffering
The end of a painful situation or state. There emerges an ability to see a situation realistically.


Minor Arcana of the Mythic Tarot – Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles
Material achievement is possible, financial aid may be available for the beginning of a new enterprise.

Two of Pentacles
Daedalus, a master craftsman, embarks on a new career
Change and fluctuation in financial matters, but harmony within the change.

Three of Pentacles
Daedalus receives acclaim for his first achievements
Initial completion of work, a basic structure is built which still requires finishing touches.

Four of Pentacles
Daedalus realizes that his nephew, Talos, is more talented than he
There is danger in clinging too tightly to what one has earned. Nothing is lost, but nothing is gained.

Five of Pentacles
Daedalus flees Athens, leaving behind all he has worked on
Loss of financial stability. Loss on a deeper level; of esteem, or faith in oneself and in life.

Six of Pentacles
Daedalus finds a benevolent friend in King Minos of Crete
Help from a generous friend or employer, a situation in which there is money or good fortune is shared.

Seven of Pentacles
Daedalus is confronted with a new dilemma in the form of a request from Queen Pasiphae
A difficult decision must be made, between material security and uncertain new opportunities.

Eight of Pentacles
Daedalus is obliged to start over once again, this time in Sicily
The apprentice, training or starting over anew in a another profession.

Nine of Pentacles
Daedalus is at last able to enjoy the fruits of his labors
A card of great satisfaction and pleasure, reward for effort, and material benefits.

Ten of Pentacles
Daedalus as an old man is able to put down firm roots and found his dynasty
Financial stability and foundation for home and family.

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